Message from the President

President of Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.
Kazusa Noda

It is our great privilege to announce that Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. has taken a big step forward as a newly merged company on April 1, 2020.

Former TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd and PUC Co., Ltd., both were affiliated company of Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), have joined together under the leadership of TMG. Covering virtually all aspects of the water supply business, the new company—Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.—is one of Japan’s largest providers of comprehensive water supply services.

Prior to the merger, TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. was entrusted by TMG’s Bureau of Waterworks to undertake the technical part of water supply operation such as maintenance of water source forests, the operation of purification plants and water supply stations, the design, construction supervision and maintenance of water pipelines, the operation and maintenance of water supply instrument and equipment, supervision of service pipe installation and other field services.

At the same time, PUC Co., Ltd. was engaged in IT service, customer service, and billing and collection of water rate for the bureau such as the development and operation of computerized water rate collection system and administrative systems (e.g., personnel and payroll management systems) as well as the operation of a Customer Center (call center) and service stations, the handling of customer inquiries, and the provision of other services.

Given this opportunity of merger, we are aiming to further improve the services that we provide to our customers as well as the operations that used to be undertaken by our two predecessor companies.

More specifically, the service pipe management offices and customer service stations that used to be managed separately by our two predecessor companies are now run by one company. This means that we can now provide one-stop services to our customers with no boundaries between technical and sales departments. Taking advantage of our economies of scale, we will also further enhance our capacity to deal with major disasters, thereby contributing to greater safety and security for our customers.

Furthermore, now that we have become a total service provider that combines both technical and sales functions, we can offer comprehensive service packages as a contractor. Since we can now provide services that are designed to meet the individual needs of other water suppliers both in Japan and overseas, we can support not only the residents of Tokyo but also people in other parts of Japan and the rest of the world to resolve water supply issues.

In addition to taking over responsibility for the work performed by its two predecessor companies, Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. will strive to support water supply in Tokyo in many other ways as a policy collaborator for TMG and fulfill its mission of ensuring the stable delivery of safe and tasty water to customers on 24/7 basis.

We look forward to your further understanding and continued support.