A total service provider that supports the water supply system of Japan’s capital, Tokyo
We leverage the technologies and expertise that we have accumulated through our work on the Tokyo water supply system to provide more efficient, customer-oriented services.

Customer service

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Customer center

  • Customer center management

Offices and service stations

  • Contact point service
  • Water meter reading
  • Collection management
  • Water service installation work
  • Inspection of water supply facilities equipped with water tanks

Waterworks IT service

  • System development
  • System maintenance and operation

Data center management

  • Data center
  • System operation
  • System infrastructure construction

Waterworks technologies

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Water pipeline maintenance

  • Pipeline research, design, and quantity surveys
  • Supervision of pipeline construction

Maintenance and management of waterworks facilities

  • Maintenance of water source forests and management of waterworks facilities
  • Operational management and maintenance of water purification and distribution facilities
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Hydraulic and water quality surveys
  • Leakage detection and prevention
Total solution services that contribute to sustainable business operations
We provide support to water suppliers and other entities both in Japan and overseas to reinforce their management bases by leveraging our rich experience and proven track record in technological and sales operations.