Customer service

Data center management

Data center

The data center ensures tight security by providing manned monitoring 24/7/365, video monitoring, and triple sets of security doors.
We provide different operating environments to meet the varying needs of individual customers, such as housing, hosting, and ASP/SaaS.

System operation

We leverage the operational expertise and professional knowledge that we have accumulated over the course of 50 years to ensure that systems operate efficiently and stably.
For system operation monitoring, we develop and introduce our own proprietary operation support tools to maintain and improve our readiness to detect faults, implement initial responses to faults, and carry out recovery work.
We also complete all of the necessary system operation-related processes—including computer room maintenance, data entry, mass printing, form controls, binding, crimping, enclosing and sealing, and the transferal of account data with financial institutions—in a highly safe work environment within a physical security zone. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive package of operational services covering all of the processes up to the receipt of the product or service by the customer, including deliveries made by full-time delivery personnel.

Business system operation

  • Systematic implementation environment configuration and resource management
  • Automatic control of around-the-clock on-line batch processing
  • Responses to faults
  • Database maintenance
  • System device and OS updates
  • Input and output operations (data entry, mass printing, form controls, binding, crimping, enclosing and sealing, delivery, etc.)
  • Help desk

Device and network maintenance and operation

  • Operating status monitoring
  • Fault isolation
  • Updating of devices, OS, software, etc.
  • Multi-vendor arrangements
  • Performance diagnosis and measures
  • Security monitoring

System infrastructure construction

We design and construct optimal vendor-independent system infrastructure.
We identify the requirements for small to large-scale business systems, design optimal operating structures for them, and then install and configure devices and software and construct networks accordingly.

  • System infrastructure design
  • Network design
  • Creation or support for the development of specifications for device and software purchases
  • Device and software installation and configuration
  • Network construction