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Overseas Projects

We utilize our technology and managerial expertise, which are supporting the water supply system of Tokyo, to make international contributions, so that we can make concerted efforts with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks to enable healthy management of water supply systems in developing countries and many other regions. We proactively participate in international contribution projects by making the most of the waterworks-related expertise which we have developed as a member of the Tokyo Water Group.

Non-Revenue Water(NRW) Reduction

We contribute to reducing NRW in developing countries with ODA-based infrastructure development projects.

Myanmar Project 1

A pilot project for NRW reduction was implemented in Yangon in 2014. Taking the results of this project into account, we have implemented the detection of leaks, replacement of pipes, and installation of water meters, while providing technical instructions to local people.

Experts dispatched

We dispatch experts to improve water supply systems in developing countries. They are mainly engaged in the development of human resources who can play leadership roles in the reduction of NRW, provide training programs on financial management, asset management, etc. and offer technological instructions on management plan, improvement of meter maintenance, meter reading work.

Myanmar Project 2

We have been providing technological instructions to local personnel to increase their capability for NRW reduction in Yangon, as a member of a water supply improvement project by JICA, with the goal of improving the water supply management capacity of the Yangon City Development Committee. A NRW management training yard was completed in Yangon in 2019. Local staff members who are given on-the-job training can teach other staff members as instructor.

Kenya Project

We are supporting the NRW reduction activities of water utilities (operators) in Kenya by JICA’s technical cooperation project close partnership with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Kenya Waterworks Training Institute and regional water utilities (operators) . The aim is to develop the local personnel capacity to reduce NRW by sharing practical know-how through the publishment of the standards, provision of technical instructions.

Water supply engineering training course for overseas participants

We are contracted to JICA and overseas water operators to train the water related persons as to leakage detection, NRW reduction and how to maintain water facilities. .
A new training project was launched in January 2014 to provide instructor training courses to local water utilities (operators) at a leakage detection training field set up by TW in Penang Malaysia .

Dispatching lecturer

We are dispatching lecturers to training programs for overseas administrative officials and engineers in water supply whom JICA accepts from developing countries.

Transmission of information

We release a paper and exhibit our own booth at the chance of domestic and overseas symposium and conference.

  • 2017: Singapore International Water Week, JWWA Waterworks Conference and Symposium & Exhibition (Takamatsu)
  • 2018: IWA World Water Congress (Tokyo) & Exhibition, JWWA Waterworks Conference and Symposium & Exhibition (Fukuoka)
  • 2019: 11th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology (Yokohama) & Exhibition, JWRC, IWA-ASPIRE (Hong Kong) & Exhibition, National Waterworks Conference and Symposium & Exhibition (Hakodate)
  • 2020 (plan): IWA World Water Congress (Copenhagen), JWWA Waterworks Conference and Symposium & Exhibition (Sendai)