These PUC and TSS companies merged on April 1, 2020 to Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. that covers all aspects of water supply services such as operation & maintenance work (from the source to the tap) and customer services.

Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. as a total water service provider is committed by Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the situation of population reduction and water facilities deterioration to carrying out various reforms, such as reinforcing the company’s management base, increasing the independence of its management and reviewing its management structure. It will also contribute to enhancing the overall capacity of the Tokyo Water Group.

Management philosophy (Concept)

As a member of the Tokyo Water Group, we ensure full compliance,
contribute to society through our abundant experience and reliable engineering expertise,
and aim to increase customer satisfaction.

Management policies

  1. As a member of the Tokyo Water Group, we are fully aware of our mission to serve the public interest and will always pursue full compliance.
  2. We provide front-line support for the water supply system in the Tokyo, ensure a reliable supply of high-quality tap water that is safe and palatable , and provide high quality customer services with comprehensive operating expertise.
  3. We provide sustainable support to water operators both in Japan and overseas to reinforce their management bases by leveraging the rich experience in Tokyo area so far.
  4. We strive to pass on our water supply technologies, while at the same time creating an energetic corporate culture.