Solution promotion

Public IT works

We have a rich proven track record in the area of public service, in which we have won many contracts from municipalities and public offices.
Making the most of our know-how, which has been accumulated over 50 years and enables “reliable operation” and “quality assurance,” we support all aspects of work of customers.


We assist customers with their efforts to resolve management challenges through current situation surveys, analysis, evaluation, planning and other services.
We propose and provide optimal IT-based solutions to help customers to resolve their management issues and make effective use of their managerial resources.

  • IT strategy
  • Outsourcing
  • Systemization
  • Network construction
  • Hardware and software introduction
  • Security measures
  • Disaster management
  • System evaluation and diagnosis
  • PMO outsourcing/support
  • RFI & RFP creation outsourcing/support

System development

We have a proven track record in a wide range of development areas, from mainframe development to system development on tablet terminals.
We will select the most suitable methods to resolve specific operating challenges, such as development of a new system, system reconstruction, migration using existing system resources, and package introduction, and accordingly construct necessary systems.
Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. has acquired the certification of JIS Q 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ensures thorough quality management by implementing development activities in accordance with its internal quality management system in all aspects of system development.
In addition, PMP-certified members are involved in, and supporting, respective development projects, while management is carried out in accordance with PMBOKR (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide.

  • Web system development (Java, ASP.NET, etc.)
  • C/S system development (.NET etc.)
  • Mainframe system development (COBOL etc.)
  • Handy terminal system development (C++, .NET, etc.)
  • Tablet system development (Java and .NET)

System maintenance

The operational expertise and professional knowledge which we have accumulated over 50 years enable reliable system operation.
We provide support in all areas of maintenance work required for system maintenance, such as dealing with system and device faults and repairing bugs. In addition, we also assist reliable system operation by responding to system inquiries, remote-monitoring systems operating in customers’ bases, conducting patrol monitoring, and so on.
Besides the above, more comprehensive packages of operating services, including entry of data, mass printing, forms control, binding, enclosing and sealing, delivery, etc., are also available to support the streamlining of operations.

System maintenance and operation

  • Responses to faults
  • Database maintenance
  • System updates
  • Replacement and updating of hardware and software
  • Help desk launch
  • A range of operating services (entry of data, mass printing, forms control, binding, crimping, enclosing and sealing, delivery, etc.)

Device and network maintenance and operation

  • Operating status monitoring
  • Updating of devices, OS, software, etc.
  • Fault isolation
  • Performance diagnosis
  • Coordination between vendors
  • Help desk launch
  • Device maintenance arrangements

System infrastructure construction

We design and construct optimal vendor-independent system infrastructure.
We identify requirements for business systems, either large or small, design optimal operating structures for them, and accordingly install and set devices and software and construct networks.

  • System infrastructure design
  • Network design
  • Taking care of, and providing support for, the creation of specifications for device and software purchases
  • Device and software installation and setting
  • Network construction

Data center

The data center assures tight security through 24/7/365 manned monitoring, video monitoring and triple sets of security doors.
We provide different operating environments to meet different needs of different customers, such as housing, hosting and ASP/SaaS.

  • Housing
  • Hosting
  • ASP, SaaS, etc.

Help desk/BPO

We take advantage of the system development know-how which we have accumulated over many years to enable the streamlining and optimization of operating processes. We organize outsourced inquiry-handling and administrative operations in the way that only system development vendors can and provide fine-tuned support to customers.

  • Various kinds of help desk operations
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • General affairs outsourcing