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Domestic waterworks

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Taking advantage of the experience and expertise that we have accumulated over the course of more than half a century in the areas of water rate collection and information technology, we offer optimal combinations of customer services and IT solutions mainly to public organizations in a variety of different regions.

Overseas Projects

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In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks, we utilize the technologies and managerial expertise that we have developed for the support of Tokyo’s water supply system to make international contributions aimed at facilitating the healthy management of water supply systems in developing countries and many other regions. We participate proactively in international contribution projects by taking full advantage of the waterworks-related expertise that we have built up as a member of the Tokyo Water Group.

Public IT works

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Having won many contracts from municipalities and public offices, we have a rich proven track record in the field of public service.
We support all aspects of the work carried out by our customers by taking full advantage of the know-how that we have accumulated over the course of 50 years to enable reliable operation and quality assurance.