Waterworks technologies

Water pipeline maintenance

Pipeline research, design, and quantity surveys

Design work and quantity surveys

For the renewal or construction of water pipes, we conduct research to determine the current condition of the pipes, the construction environment for the target pipelines, and the presence of any buried objects installed by other companies, such as gas pipes and sewerage lines. We then use the research results to examine the construction methods, carry out coordination work with road administrators, other companies, and other relevant parties, conduct the necessary quantity surveys, and create the necessary design documents for the relevant construction contracts.

Supervision of pipeline construction

Supervision of construction work

We make sure that the construction work is carried out appropriately and on schedule based on the design documents and other relevant materials, conduct on-site supervision as necessary, and provide the construction contractors with the necessary directions and instructions.
We also check the safety of the construction work and, when necessary, coordinate with related organizations and provide relevant information to local residents.